About Us

Our Belief, Mission, Commitment, and Roots

Our Mission

Johnson First Church of God is to be a visible expression of the reign of God in this world. This we will do by responding in ever increasing dimensions to the sovereign authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the church. In order to be a visible expression, Jesus commands to love Him and to love others (Matthew 22:37-39)...failing to do so would compromise this body of believers from God's design of the Church.

Our Commitment

Fulfill the Great Commandment

To love God without reservation, with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength. In our WORSHIP we will be faithful to the Word of God and creative in our collective expression of faith to inspire the worshipping community to do the will of God from the heart.

Fulfill the Great Commission

To make disciples. Through TRAINING, EQUIPPING, and MINISTRY opportunities, we will work to present ourselves and every member of the Body of Christ growing in grace, knowledge and OBEDIENCE and living disciplined lives according to our present level of spiritual attainment.

Fulfill the Great Commitment

To live as a community of believers rooted and grounded in love. Our FELLOWSHIP will be characterized by our LOVE for one another without reservation or condition; by ACCEPTANCE of everyone on the basis of common faith, not performance; by MINISTERING to each other as the needs arise; and by FORGIVENESS…forgiving others as we expect to be forgiven.

Fulfill the Great Compassion

by loving our neighbors and our enemies through investing our resources: TIME, GIFTS, and MONEY in MISSION… the work of the church both at home and around the world. We will purpose to give as we have received: freely, cheerfully, generously, and intentionally.

Our Roots

In 1920, Nannie Davis Coffey started a Sunday school class for children in the community. Church services were held later in the old log schoolhouse, which was located approximately where the parsonage sits today. “Uncle” Marsh Wright was one of the early preachers. Another was “Uncle” Tom Cooper, father of Wilbert Cooper and grandfather of Sudie and Bunny Cooper. After the “new” one-room school was built, services were held there about once a month and later more often. The Board of Education allowed us to hold services in the school building.

In 1936, Rev. Delmore Cooper and Worlie Hall held a revival in the schoolhouse. Several people were saved, including Ivan Hinton and his wife, Letha. After they were baptized Ivan started a weekly prayer meeting. Local ministers held Sunday services until the early 1940’s. In May 1943, Ivan Hinton was called to the ministry and began to pastor the church. People began to get saved; the church, because of its growth, started to make plans for a church building. The building was completed and dedicated in July 1947. Rev. Bill Moore preached the first revival in the new building and helped to get the church established at Johnson.

The first Board of Trustees was selected. They were R.M. Nickell, Sam Litton Sr., B.C. Litton, and Elbert Moore, Secretary. Land on which the church building stands was donated by R. M. Nickell.

Land for the building of the parsonage was donated by Amy Stinson (Mr. Nickell’s sister). The church bought the school property in 1966. Lumber from the schoolhouse was used in the parsonage. The multipurpose (Lovely Center) building was built in 1986. Renovations were completed in 2001.

Groundbreaking for the current sanctuary was held in May 1994, and the building was completed and dedicated in August 1995.